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If you've ever worked with clientlibs in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), ... Which is why I decided to rebuild it as a modern app and contribute it to ACS Tools (see PR here). As of this post, the PR has been merged but has not yet been released. If you'd like to use this tool before its release, you can build ACS Tools from source. ...

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In the AEM, it has a lot of … 301 redirect 302 redirect Adobe AEM AEM 6.1 AEM 6.3 AEM 6.4 AEM 6.5 AEM 6.x AEM Basics AEM Clientlibs AEM CQ5 Tutorials AEM Links AEM Plugin AEM Sample Questions AEM Shortcuts Asset Metadata Best Practices Certification Component core components CQ5 curl Custom Component File Vault Heap HTL Installation ...The clientlibs in AEM consists of JS and CSS and in some instances they get cached; which as would be obvious; causes issues. To remove this cache and rebuild the clientlibs, following link is quite useful:

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AEM, part of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an enterprise-grade content management platform with a wide array of powerful features. All of these things are done through a rich graphical interface accessible through any modern browser, enabling such desktop-like features as in-place editing of text and graphics, drag and drop of page ...In AEM, a category include will merge and compress all the files into a single js (or css) include. This is done per category include. If you want to merge multiple categories, you should consider using the embed option in categories dependencies.Trying to add additional behavior in post-chat for Embedded Services. We're currently integrating GetFeedback with our embedded service chat. There's one quirk we're trying to account for in the post-chat behavior, however. Since we have the setting enabled to allow users to save their transcripts, the 'Close Chat' button is getting booted out ... aem.dispatcher-dev Additional Info. To rebuild and deploy the updated configuration, Just deploy the existing configuration that you have created from context menu under services tab. Before that, please make sure Docker instance is stopped, only then menu options will be visible. Advantages of using Docker PluginIn AEM6.4 libraries are no longer under /var/clientlibs folder, they are in the file system. Recompile via AEM Web Console: For classes and Slightly access [1] and click Recompile all JSPs. For clientlibs access [2], click Invalidate Caches then click Rebuild Libraries. Recompile via the file system. For classes and Slightly cache:Wipes the clientlibs and designs and forces it to rebuild it. Thanks to Mark Ellis for this link. /system/console/adapters - This link shows you the Adapters are registered in the system.